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Our Homebuilding Services

Home Design & Construction
Renovations & Remodeling
Decks & Exterior Upgrades

Uncompromising Residences

Vetterbuilt homes crafted to be as intuitively livable as they are strikingly eye-catching. Designed in partnership with some of the province’s leading architects, engineers, and homebuilding consultants, each home is built not simply to be luxurious, but to serve as an effortlessly comfortable living space for decades to come.

Start-to-finish Bespoke Home Builds
Architectural Drawings
Engineering Approval
Geo Tech & Energy Efficiency Review

Well-Loved Spaces, Renewed

Thoughtfully remodeled, the home you have may be the home you’ve always desired. With our professional architects and designers, we can help you refresh or even expand the space in your home, introducing an exciting, transformative dynamic to your living space — or seamlessly preserving its existing style and character.
Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeling
Basement Finishing
Complete Interior Redesigns
Expansions & Retrofitting

Your Outdoor Oasis

The Okanagan is a place of extraordinary natural beauty, and our builds invite you to indulge in it with abandon. Designed to complement both your home and the surrounding landscaping, our outdoor projects aren’t simply structural additions — they’re extensions of your living space, letting you enjoy more of the property you’ve invested in.

Porches & Verandas
Pergolas & Gazebos
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The VetterBuilt Process

Define The Vision
Maybe you already know precisely what you’re looking for. Or perhaps it’s just a feeling and you need to see options before making a decision. Together, we’ll identify what your new space needs, how it should look, and where to arrange everything so it all feels effortlessly intuitive.
Set The Stage
As your project plan takes shape, we’ll explore the possibilities of the space with you, showing you what your options are and explaining the intricacies of each approach. This will allow you to create a more deliberate, purposeful space which looks and functions exactly the way you envisioned.
Craft the Design
Once we understand the aesthetics and functionality your project demands, the process of designing it will commence. With our designers, you’ll be able to specify every last detail of your space, whether it’s acoustics and cable management in a home theater or perfectly soothing tiles and lighting for a private spa oasis.
Give It Form
With the space defined and the details confirmed, the Okanagan’s finest building talents will begin to give form to your dream space. As that happens, you’ll continue to be involved in the process, receiving consistent, timely updates and being consulted on any decisions that could affect the look and feel of the space.
Live The Dream
Construction has finished. Each space has been cleaned and checked thrice. The vision you defined is now yours to indulge in. To ensure your complete satisfaction, we’ll review the space with you, providing you with a complete package of all warranties, documentation, and records that pertain to the space.

A Reputation of Excellence

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Realizing Architectural Visions
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